Special Needs Planning is unlike traditional planning

- it’s planning for two generations!

And no two families are alike!

As Fiduciary Advisors with broad knowledge of Special Needs Planning, we will help you create and implement a comprehensive plan to address the needs of your family.  There are many components to consider and we know it can feel a bit overwhelming at first.  We are here to help.

The most essential element is careful planning for the future needs of everyone in the family. We don’t have the luxury of planning only for our retirement.  We must plan and prepare for our child or family member’s lifelong needs as well.  And depending on our stage in life, there may be other children or family members to factor in, too.

While government benefits like SSI are helpful, they provide only a fraction of what is needed to have a safe, secure, and fulfilling life.

So it’s important to consider many factors in your planning, including your child’s strengths, areas where they need support, their growth and development as they mature, access to government benefits, other children in the family, aging parents, and your own retirement needs.

With so many moving parts, you will want a specialist who understands how to maximize your resources so you can have the serenity that comes with knowing a proper plan is in place.  We will listen and find the best fit for you.

About Us:

Heading up our Special Needs Planning division is Andrea Turner. Andrea grew up with an intellectually disabled older sister and seeing her sister’s struggles and successes inspired Andrea to help other families. Her sister was involved with the local ARC at a very young age and was the first teenager to move into one of their residential group homes.  While unable to live on her own and quite challenged in some areas, her sister is also a savant with a spectacular memory.

Andrea is also the mother of a lively daughter on the autism spectrum and as a parent, has navigated many of the challenges unique to our community. With two close family members with very different needs and abilities, Andrea fully understands how a disability can affect the whole family and how important it is to provide the best opportunities we can for them.

We offer introductory workshops and private consulting to give families the following important information.

Our Workshop Topics Include:

  • Identifying current and ideal goals for your family
  • Fundamentals for structuring your family’s plan
  • Government Benefits – their role in helping your child and how to protect them in the future
  • Creating comprehensive instructions for future caregivers
  • Weighing the options between Guardianship & Powers of Attorney
  • How to effectively utilize ABLE accounts & Special Needs Trusts
  • Asset transition strategies
  • Case Study – reviewing the benefits of a plan

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What We Offer:

We work with Families at all stages of Life. From pre-retirees with young children wanting to maximize what’s currently available and structure a game plan for the future. To retirees who want to ensure that the investment choices they make will have the best impact of future care of their loved ones.

  • Identifying the vision for your family now and in the future
  • Analysis of resources available and how to maximize
  • Identify and current gaps and how to fill them
  • Implement a coordinated plan based on priorities
  • Trust account set-up and management with fiduciary oversight
  • Ongoing review and course correction of your plan

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