Seven Simple Truths Every Plan Sponsor Should Know


As Professional Plan Consultant (PPC®*) designees we acknowledge our fiduciary status in writing with our clients and sign on in a discretionary ERISA §3(38) capacity.

We have four commitments which form the core of our service offering to Plan Sponsors:

Optimizing Investment Programs

For far too long 401(k)’s have been loaded with funds that have “side-arrangements” with the platforms that they’re offered on, equating to diminished returns and participant outcomes. We utilize an open-architecture platform with access to over 19,000 available ETF's, Funds & CIT's when creating a core-fund lineup. This allows for the greatest investment efficiency and transparency for what the participant is invested in.

We go one step further in offering a Dalbar Certified QDIA Model Portfolio Construction as an alternative to the standard Target-Date Fund. This allows for the participant to have more comprehensive access to a managed account solution within their retirement plan.

Reducing Client Liability

There is no question that considerable liability is placed on plan fiduciaries. In fact, ERISA Section 409(a) imposes personal liability on fiduciaries that breach their duties. However, ERISA provides a “safe harbor,” which limits a Plan Sponsor’s fiduciary liability where a qualified “investment manager” is appointed. A full delegation under ERISA section 3(38) represents the highest level of investment liability transfer possible under ERISA. Through delegation, we help Plan Sponsors like you lighten your fiduciary burden.

Managing Fees and Services

Many traditional record keepers bundled their costs into a single “asset-based fee”. While this may appear to be an easier way of doing things, bundled asset-based fees include costs that hinder plan performance over time. We provide a clear, transparent approach to all fees and services that are part of our client’s retirement plan. We also complete an annual plan review and fee benchmarking report to Plan Sponsors.

Decreasing Client Workload

We know that the point person for a Plan Sponsor wears many hats. We provide comprehensive tools and support to make the administration of your company's plan as seamless as possible. From robust sponsor and participant websites. To testing, disclosures and signature ready documents to keep your plan in compliance.

If you are interested in reducing your Fiduciary Liability and Improving the health of Your Companies Plan

*Professional Plan Consultant™ (PPC™) The PPC Designation certifies that the recipient has specialized knowledge of retirement plan compliance requirements, common plan services, and plan administration. To receive the PPC Designation, the individual must meet prerequisite criteria based on a combination of education, relevant industry experience, and/or ongoing professional development, complete a training program, successfully pass a comprehensive, closed‐book final examination under the supervision of a proctor and agree to abide by the Code of Ethics and Conduct Standards. In order to maintain the PPC Designation, the individual must annually attest to the Code of Ethics and Conduct Standards and accrue continuing education.